Janice Harrison Drake

Co-Founder, President/ COO, Hope 360° Inc.

Janice has over 20 years of leadership and managerial experience. Prior to beginning her first venture Visions + Solutions, she served as Vice – President of Human Resources for several divisions of The General Electric Company including (GE Aerospace, GE Capital, and GE Financial Assurance (Now Genworth Financial) as well as senior positions with AT&T and its predecessor Western Electric.

In addition to her corporate success as longtime corporate executive and entrepreneur, she is an accomplished author, executive coach and holds a black belt in “six sigma’ quality. Her book “Visioning for Success” A Career and Leadership Development Guide are currently required or elective reading at various universities, companies and non-profit organizations throughout the United States and abroad.   Another published work, “The Balancing Act, How to Get a life, when you Got a career” is now headed for its second edition is a marvelous series of stories that provide the readers with great advice on how to balance an ambitious career and busy family life.

She has a BA in Business Administration from Norfolk State University.