E-Institute/Leadership Development

HOPE focuses clients on the utilization of their capabilities by helping them:

  • Identify and maximize their strengths and talents
  • Take proactive steps to identify impediments that will weaken their strengths
  • Identify growth opportunities and develop interventions to strengthen skills
  • Identify the “right fit” for utilizing their gifts, talents, and expertise
  • Design and deliver leadership development programs, seminars and training

"Visioning for Success"©
A Career & Leadership Development Program

Your success will depend greatly on getting those within your organization to be able to see and buy into the vision and mission of the organization.  It’s also critical for your employees or those you work with to have a clearly identified vision for their own personal growth and development.  Our “Visioning for Success” Program will help them clarify their visions and develop a realistic roadmap that will lead them to their personal and professional success goals.  Once they have realized their visions and goals they will be better positioned to help their organizations, families and communities to realize their visions

The Program can be custom designed for:

  • Middle, High School, & University Students
  • New or Re-Entrants into the Workforce
  • Non-Management Employees
  • Employees in Management Development Programs
  • Supervisors & Managers

The program has been designed to help individuals clarify their visions and obtain better insight into understanding themselves and identifying what they want and desire in life.  It will equip them with the skills to help them improve their quality of life and reach their career/life goals.

The Program includes:

The program can be purchased in its entirety or as separate modules.  The mentoring program includes the design and implementation, training for the mentor and mentee, and identifying and recruiting mentors.

Training can be conducted on a group or individual basis.  Our group rates range from a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16 participants.  

See our course descriptions for more specific information and other training courses available.  We can develop new or customize existing training to meet your needs.

We offer Train the Trainer workshops to provide you the ability to train your own staff
OR training may be conducted by Staff of Hope 360° Inc.

Course #
# Hrs
Course Content
Total Estimate Hours
1 2
Visioning for Success
Introduction to Course
Defining Your Vision & Success
Dealing with Excuses & Fears
Getting To Know Yourself
Defining Your Purpose
2 2
Hierarchy of Success
Developing Your Vision
Goal Setting & Action Planning
Affirmations – Words to Match Your Goals
Attributes of a Successful Person
3 2 When I Grow Up I Want To Be…
Managing Your Career Journey
Career Skill Assessment
Creating Your Career Profile
4 4
I’m The CEO of My Career
Career Management
Understanding Market Trends
Selling & Marketing Yourself
Resume Preparation
The Successful Interview
Transitioning into Your New Career
Performance Management
5 4
Remember Me? Lasting Impressions
Effective Communications
Presentation Skills
Dressing for Success
Business Etiquette – Office Etiquette, Traveling & Dining Out
6 2
Money Management – Rich Dad Poor Dad
Learn Money Principles
Stay out of Debt Techniques
How To Budget & Invest


Course #
# Hrs
Course Content
Total Estimate Hours
1 3
The Visionary Leader
Profile of a Leader
Role of Leader as Coach, Mentor, Manager, and Change Agent
Leadership Assessment & 360 Feedback
2 3
The Strategic Leader
Strategic Thinking
Decision Making Skills
Innovation Solutions & Creative Thinking
Accountability & Taking Ownership
3 3 The Courageous Leader
Choosing Your Battles,
Art of Delegation
Taking Initiative & Getting Results
Obtaining Buy-in & Support
Managing through Change
Dealing with Effects of Change
Helping Others Thru Change
4 3
The Respected Leader
Relationship Management
Managing Up, Sideways & Down
Relationship with Managers & Peers, Building Lifetime Bridges
Team Building
Managing Conflict & Valuing Differences
Giving & Receiving Feedback
5 2
The Savvy Leader
Developing Organization Savvy
Managing Office Politics
Games People Play
Developing Personal Savvy
Office Ethics & Integrity
6 2
The Balancing Act
Time Management
Stress Management
Balancing Work & Family
Keeping First Things First